Demolition Melbourne

Our demolition experts in melbourne provide safe and effective demolition services to home owners and developers across Melbourne. Our machine operators are highly qualified and experienced in residential and commercial demolition. Our services cover the whole of Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

With years of experience providing building demolition services in Melbourne we’re able to safely and effectively demolish any structure from residential homes to larger commercial buildings.

Civil work, earthmoving and demolition can be a dangerous job which is why all our machine operators are trained to use their equipment in the most responsible way possible. We specialise in house demolition Melbourne eastern suburbs, we have decades of experience with this kind of local property decommissioning.

While demolition is seen as one of the most dangerous forms of construction, with our equipment, manpower, and continuous professional training, we make the whole process from the initial consultation right up to the final piece of trash for disposal, seamless and organized. We’re one of the top Melbourne commercial demolition experts currently boasts of.

When a building or any other structure has outlived its usefulness, it may become a risk to surrounding structures, humans, animals, and sometimes the environment.


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What do you do about such a structure? Well, the simple answer is to skillfully and safely bring it down. That is demolition.

Demolition allows for innovative and modern architecture to replace older structures that may be unsafe for use, this brings benefits to society and the environment. It is the cautious and controlled removal of a structure to ensure safety or make the land available for some other use.

We have been in the residential demolition melbourne industry for many years. We are proud to be dedication, honesty, reliable and hard working.

Our demolition services include:

  • Residential Demolition: Residential demolition or home demolition is any demolition of a residential structure. The aim is usually to get rid of old homes, damaged homes, and undesirable structures like patios. We have a well-trained team that takes care of all forms of residential demolitions.
  • Commercial Demolition: Melbourne commercial demolition is the removal of unneeded commercial structures, that is commercial buildings like offices and hotels. Our commercial demolition service is usually on a larger scale than our residential demolition.
  • Industrial Demolition: Industrial demolition is the removal of structures involved in the production of commodities like plants. This type of demolition can entail hazardous materials and requires specialized knowledge. Our demolition company Melbourne specialises in a wide range of deconstruction work including. Partial Demolition: Partial or selective demolition involves the removal of only a section or certain parts of a structure. This could be to modernize specific areas of a building. It could also be required when there’s a need for expansion of a property.
  • Swimming Pool Removal: Whether your swimming pool is in-ground or above-ground, we provide the required removal service. The removal process can be full removal or partial removal. Either way, you can count on us to do a swift and durable job.
  • Earthmoving Services: Earthmoving equipment is the machinery for moving large quantities of earth. Bulldozers, excavators, backhoe loaders, and trenchers are examples that readily come to mind. At Pro Demolition Melbourne, we provide efficient earthmoving services that take the stress out of your rural and urban earthworks, demolition tasks, and construction works. Using bulldozers, excavators, and other heavy equipment; there’s no task too big for us to handle.
  • Earthworks: When you need to move large quantities of earth, you require a contractor with the know-how and machinery to back you up. Is it a road construction task or site preparation task you need to be done, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
  • Site Clean Ups: Cleaning up a construction or demolition site during and after job completion requires a bit of versatility. With the clean up tasks needing to be done without sticking to a strict plan, it can be demanding for any contractor to keep up. But not Pro Demolition Melbourne. We tackle small and large site clean up tasks with several teams of hard-working personnel.

When you’ve decided on demolition, there are different methods you can adopt. The choice of demolition type depends on the principal building materials and the location of the structure to be demolished, among other considerations. The common forms of demolition Melbourne allows are;

1. Dismantling

Also known as deconstruction, dismantling, like total demolition, involves bringing down the whole structure. However, that’s where the similarities with total demolition end. Here, we carefully bring down the structure so that the parts have high reuse potential. This is very much unlike total demolition, where parts reuse is not a priority. Dismantling is also known as partial demolition, and it takes longer to execute than most other forms of demolition.

2. Selective Demolition:

This method involves the removal of only a part of the structure, usually the older, weaker section. It is suitable when you have a building that is generally in good condition but has some areas that have seen better days.

3. Interior Demolition:

When you demolish only certain parts of your building’s interior while preserving the exterior, it is known as interior demolition. Interior demolition can be used to remodel your home, remove weak sections of a building, or remove flooring. Interior demolition requires council approval, just like exterior demolition.

4. Total Demolition

Total demolition is the demolition of a whole structure. Most of the time, this form of demolition is deployed to reclaim the land, probably from an old structure, and to put up a new, more befitting structure in its place. It can be accomplished through the following methods;

  • Explosive Demolition: In explosive demolition, you bring a structure down with explosives. This is a highly technical aspect of demolition that only qualified persons should attempt. Also known as implosion, it is primarily the use of explosives to bring down a building’s main vertical supports causing the building to collapse. It is arguably one of the most popular forms of demolition.
  • Mechanical Demolition: Mechanical demolition uses specialized mechanical equipment like cranes and excavators to break up the structure. This is one of the most common ways contractors provide house demolitions Melbourne.
  • Crane And Ball: This is one of the oldest forms of demolition but is hardly ever used nowadays. It involves the use of a wrecking ball of enormous weight. The whole process can be quite noisy and can’t be employed if the site is too big for the crane to reach all the structures. Safer and more accurate options have taken its place.
After we demolish a concrete structure, we take a step further to do a concrete removal. We cut the elements and then take them out using a crane. This method has little effect on the neighbouring structures and generates fewer dust particles.

When it comes to demolition, your best bet is to leave everything to a demolition company, like Pro Demolition Melbourne. We have the skill and experience to make light work of the whole process.

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Pool Removal Melbourne

There are many reasons homeowners and developers decide to remove a pool from their property. If the land is being sold to build an entirely new structure then pool demolition is an integral part of the deconstruction process. If you’re looking to sell your property as land only, it is easier to do so without a swimming pool in the ground. This may motivate you to get a pool removal service. Another reason to give up your pool is to avoid the safety hazards that accompany owning a pool, especially if you have young children within the premises. Many homeowners opt for a nicely landscaped garden instead of a pool which provides more room for family and pets and also requires less maintenance.
pool demolition
Decommissioning a swimming pool is a job for a licenced demolition company like Pro Demolition Melbourne. In the city of Melbourne, such a task requires a licence and sophisticated equipment. Our swimming pool removal service is first-class but we are dedicated to provide Melbournians with the most affordable swimming pool removal service available.

These steps depend on the type of pool removal method you opt for. There are two types of swimming pool removal. These are partial pool removal or partial pool demolition and complete pool removal, also known as complete pool demolition.

1. Partial Pool Removal

In partial pool removal, we usually undertake the following steps;

  • To begin, we apply for and receive the necessary permit.
  • After that, we proceed to disconnect all electrical wires and gas lines connected to your pool.
  • Once that is done, we drain your swimming pool with the aid of a pump.
  • Next, we punch holes in your now empty swimming pool.
  • We then remove your swimming pool walls and other associated structures.
  • The next stage is to add sand to fill up the space and then smoothen the surface.
  • Finally, we add topsoil to the area, the depth of which is determined by what you intend to use the space for.

While the partial removal option is quicker to execute and cheaper than the full pool removal option, its main disadvantage is that the pool area is seen as not suitable for building. A fact that must be disclosed to any future buyer.

2. Full Pool Removal

The full pool removal includes all the steps in the partial removal method. In addition, all the materials removed in step five above are taken out and off hauled from the site.

Although complete swimming pool demolition is more of a permanent solution to your pool removal, it is the less frequently used option, due to a slightly higher cost. This form of removal does not affect the future sale of your property and allows for later land development.

Since this method allows for future land development, it is preferred if you intend to rebuild on the location of your erstwhile swimming pool. We also recommend this option if you want to sell your property as land only.