House Demolition Melbourne

House Demolition Melbourne

House demolition is the partial or complete destruction of a building in order to make better use of the land. There are many reasons for residential or home demolition.

These days, one of the main reasons for house demolition is that it can be cheaper to demolish an existing residential or commercial building and build a new one than to refurbish an existing one.

We specialise in house demolition Melbourne eastern suburbs. There are numerous reasons for demolishing a house. One of the major reasons is for safety.

It is in the public’s interest to remove a building that is prone to collapse or a fire hazard. Buildings that contain dangerous materials like asbestos and lead can also be removed. Other reasons to demolish a building are a defective foundation and if it will cause an increase in the value of the property.

Demolishing a house requires patience and planning. Patience because it takes some time to get the demolition permit and prepare the site. It also needs plenty of expertise and heavy machinery like a bulldozer which a Melbourne House Demolition contractors like Pro Demolition Melbourne can provide.


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House Removal Experts Melbourne

When you contact us for your house removal, we begin the process with a general assessment that includes several important steps. This is what makes us the best house Demolition company in Melbourne Whether we’re using any of the demolition methods explained earlier or some other type, we can summarize the main steps involved into the following;

  • Building Inspection: We do a thorough inspection of the building. During this inspection, we lookout for hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint. We also take a look at the surrounding properties to ascertain their distance and current condition.
  • Council Approval: We follow that up with a bit of paperwork, which is the application for a demolition permit from the local council.
    Service Disconnection: Once we receive the council approval, we then go ahead to disconnect all services. Examples of services that require disconnection are water and gas.
house debris remained after demolition process
  • Site Fencing: We isolate the work area. One way we achieve this is by putting up a fence. We also take steps to prevent debris from moving away from the site.
  • Removal Of Dangerous Substances: The next stage is the manual removal of all hazardous materials identified at the first level of the pre demolition assessment. We also use this opportunity to take out any recyclable items that can be removed at this point.
  • Actual Demolition: After that comes the machine works stage, where heavy machinery is used to demolish your home based on the method of demolition selected.
  • Site Clean Out: The final stage is the clean up. Here, we sort and move all the rubble from the demolition site to an earlier selected location. At Pro Demolition Melbourne, we care about the environment. As a result, we retrieve recyclable materials like bricks and doors before moving the rest to a landfill.

House Removal Services Melbourne

If you need house removal or demolition services in Melbourne, whether that be, pool removal, site clean up, earthmoving, or house demolition, we have experienced contractors ready to take on your project. By offering reliable and affordable demolition services to Melburnians for years we have been able to build strong relationships across the city.

We would love to hear from you regarding your demolition needs and will happily provide you with a free quote. Give us a call today or request a free demolition quote from our website anytime.